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Human being often is a selfish creature who is obsessed with just gathering things. He is afraid to give and afraid to share. Although the fact is that he has to give, whether happily or unwillingly. He has to give to the doctors, when ill. He has to give to lawyers when trapped in legal issues. If he is ready to share willingly, he need not give it forcefully. Every selfish man suffers from various problems and bad health is the very first of it. Tuladaan, mentioned in ancient mythologies, is an un-comparable yet scientific remedy for this.

Tuladaan is a type of practice which includes the distribution of grains (weighing equivalent to your weight) along with a worn cloth and some Dakshina for the priest. This is given to either a priest in the temple or any other food distribution area. The science behind the practice can be explained like this. Man is for whole life, obsessed with food. Even though the food is something that he takes throughout his life, still he is attached to it. Food, as and when not taken in a balanced form, is the biggest reason for bad health and diseases. As Newton’s law says, every action has an opposite and equal reaction, the best way to get detached with food is to distribute and share it. This will, in turn, reduce the demand for food in the body and the importance of it in mind. The reason for including a worn cloth in this distribution is that after food, the human is second most attached with the clothes he wears. Even though he gets hundreds of them, he is never satisfied. Sharing a worn cloth instead of a new one helps in reducing the attachment that the person has with his belongings and here specifically clothes. When we do this practice along with Dakshina to the priest, as a result, we will notice an improvement in our health. Tuladaan is considered very effective in maintaining good health. So a normal human being should at least practice this once a year, if not more than that, to maintain the desired results in body and mind. We often spend thousands of rupees on birthday celebrations of our kids. Instead, cutting on a tenth of those expenses and doing this tuladaan for your child every year on his birthday will yield miraculous health results for the child throughout his life. If not birthdays, you can choose any of the auspicious occasions or festivities in the house to carry this event. Our sadhaks, who practice this regularly have witnessed some miraculous and effective results.